Lolke Jan Pilat

Lolke Jan Pilat

We deliver our scaffolding wood products throughout Europe. Because quality costs time, it can take 3 to 4 weeks. we deliver your furniture to your home, then we take care of the placement and assembly. Lolke Jan Pilat strives to deliver top quality furniture. We give a 5-year warranty on all our scaffolding wood furniture. Order your new scaffolding wood furniture quickly and safely.

Lolke Jan


We make everything with scaffolding wood. Our range is wider than what we currently have in our webshop. If your furniture is not listed, we can provide customized solutions for you.

Own delivery service

All Scaffolding wood furniture from Lolke Jan Pilat is delivered and assembled free of charge. we deliver furniture during the week and at the weekend when it suits you.


if you want to have custom furniture made, we will make a free quote. All furniture is made in our own workshop. You are very welcome to take a look.

Information about scaffolding wood

What is Steigerhout? Scaffolding wood is coarse sawn, unplaned pine and is mainly used for scaffolding in construction. The shelves are usually 5 meters long, 19.5 cm wide and 3 cm thick. The board has a long fiber and is a soft type of wood, making it a flexible board to work with and has no hard splinters.

Are there also splinters on the scaffolding wood? The furniture in our collection is made of scaffolding wood. All furniture is sanded and made with care. so no splinters are possible.

Does the wood still work afterwards / does the wood still shrink over time? All the wood has been dried back to 15% humidity, so that this is suitable for making furniture that can be placed indoors. As a result, the after shrinkage is virtually nothing. The humidity in your living room may be decisive for shrinking. If your indoor humidity is between 40% and 60%, the chance of working or after shrinking is small. During the winter months scaffolding wood furniture can often start working because the humidity is higher.

All scaffolding wood furniture has been treated with several paint and stain layers, giving the scaffolding wood planks an outdated “look”. Although they are new scaffolding wood planks, they have the same typical robust appearance of aged scaffolding wood, but with a number of ecologically responsible, life-extending and product-enhancing additions. This gives the boards a better weather resistance and moisture-resistant properties.

Online Furniture Store

Buying furniture via the internet is becoming increasingly popular. Such purchases are extremely useful, because without leaving the house at rest, we can view the range of the store, carefully read the specifications of the furniture, search reviews … to further simplify the lives of its customers, online furniture store Lolke Jan Pilat tries to diversify and expand his range as much as possible. You will find wooden furniture made of different types of wood: scaffolding wood furniture, underlayment furniture, furniture made of exotic wood and other suggestions. We are both a manufacturer and importer of wood, which is why our range of furniture includes different styles, made with different techniques, that correspond to different trends in interior design. With us you can arrange all rooms in the house. In addition to the rich and varied range of solid wood furniture, our virtual shelves also have other accessories and equipment elements, including wooden slatted frames and mattresses. We are constantly changing, we follow dynamically evolving trends, but also the changing demands of our customers.

Solid and trendy wooden furniture for every room!

Our range includes different styles, types of wood and furniture types. We offer hall furniture, bedroom furniture, wooden furniture for the living room, dining room furniture, as well as children’s furniture. To facilitate your search for your dream cabinets, tables, beds and cupboards, we have grouped the furniture on according to different categories. You can search the range of furniture categories, including departments such as: beds, bedside tables, desks, cabinets, tables, accessories. Another option is to assess wooden furniture based on the style in which they are made, and so we have here: Scaffolding wood furniture, underlayment find spruce furniture. Finally, the third option is the store to view all products

Products of the highest quality

We attach great importance to the quality of the products that we sell. Wooden furniture that we make ourselves is made of high-quality wood, with attention to every detail. We care about the right raw material and the right technology, as well as the reliability of the product, as well as the finish of the furniture that guarantees its lifespan. for us it is important that they comply with all relevant guidelines of wooden furniture, such as: functionality, robustness, naturalness, modularity, minimalism. We do everything to ensure that everyone finds wooden furniture that is tailored to their needs. In many collections of our furniture you can adjust and update the dimensions, color and layout. puts the customer first

It is thanks to our customers that we realize what and for whom we can create in our passion. We go with the times, look for modern solutions, but do not give up traditional techniques for furniture production. We focus on the highest quality of our products, we are constantly expanding the range of furniture in our online store, but that is not all. We always offer our customers free transport of the furniture. We also offer professional advice and maintenance advice. We approach our tasks with passion, knowledge and dedication, so that you can be sure that shopping at the online furniture store is safe and gives you a lot of satisfaction.